I admit I’ve started blogs and have let them die a slow death. But not this time. I’ve decided this is the year that I will commit… commit to sharing my thoughts on sights, sounds, and tastes of all kinds. I often wondered who would care about what I had to say but I recently realized (maybe it’s the wisdom of embarking on my 30s) that I’m doing this for me. I don’t mean this to be a project of narcissism though. I want this to be a place where you find something new and you want to share with others. When I decided to go into the profession of journalism, it was because I loved exchanging stories and to be the conduit of information… I want to continue that here.

More importantly, I’ve chosen this week to launch this blog because I’m going on my first trip to South Korea at the end of this week. I received a journalism fellowship to South Korea to learn about their green technology sector through the East-West Center.

Anyhow, the pressure of the first entry is done. I hope you stick around for the fun stuff to come. Cheers!

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