This time last year…

I’m doing some early spring cleaning in my iphoto library. I admit I haven’t gotten very far because I keep getting tangled up in images of the past – all the people, places, and things. I did see how my photography started to evolve by each picture – in technique and with subject.

For the last three years, I was living in Minnesota and during that time I started to photograph more food. Food from restaurants, bars, and home. One of my favorites, even though it’s a little blurry, is this one from tapas night at Isabel and Mark’s place. It was taken a year ago and I remember how cold it was outside in Minneapolis. None of us had ever done DIY tapas night before.

Everyone that came over and including the host brought one tapas item to contribute. At first we didn’t know what sort of a meal we’d have but once we saw all the small plates together, we realized we had a feast on our hands. I brought an easy dish because I didn’t have much time to cook between work and dinner.

I sauteed some shrimp with olive oil, fresh garlic, salt/pepper, and a squeeze of some fresh lemon. The best part is someone else brought some French bread and we dipped the bread in the garlic oil that was left over from the shrimp… yum! We also had a selection of cheeses, olives, prosciutto, salad, fruits, nuts, wines, veggies… it was a good night.

After the meal was dessert – a game of Cranium and some more red wine! All in all, it was a perfect evening and so simple… food, friends, and games.

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