I heart ramen!: Daikokuya

I have so much to do with my trip to Korea just around the corner but I couldn’t help myself to a perfect night at the Museum of Contemporary Art and ramen. My friend Alex from Minnesota is visiting LA and I suggested we go eat at Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. I’m used to waiting in long lines there – one time I came by during lunch and it was almost a two hour wait! Sorry to say, I had to walk away because I was starving. Alex and I waited about 20 minutes which wasn’t too bad.

So why is this place amazing? Simple – the food is good. The ramen noodles aren’t too mushy and the broth – oh the broth! – is savory and when you take a sip, it feels like a big fleece blanket that’s warming you up on a cold night. Here’s a photo from one of my previous adventures to my favorite ramen house in LA. It’s the house ramen with a side of the shredded pork over rice.

Bon appetite!

2 thoughts on “I heart ramen!: Daikokuya

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