My life aquatic… for a day.

Believe it or not, I actually have some non-food posts in this blog – don’t forget that it’s a blog for my favorite sights, sounds, AND tastes. Well, one of my favorite things is the ocean. The other night I took my parents to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach – a gem that I should visit more often… especially since in the summer it’s just $12 on certain nights 5pm-10pm.

My favorite exhibits are the ones where the room is dark and the light is illuminated so the water has this magical glow. Like this scene here – it was one of the first photos I took when I walked in.

Below, you’ll see sea lions playing in the top right corner. I have to say these guys looked like they were having the most fun.

I could watch aquatic life all day and night – there’s something so peaceful about it. But what mesmerized me the most were the jellyfish. I just stood in front of the tank and took photo after photo because these graceful creatures looked like they were performing some sort of underwater ballet for me.

Below is a photo of baby seahorses just hanging out.

I ended the day trying to find Nemo.

When I was on the second floor, there was an exhibit that was presented by BP. The tiny little bit of ocean preserved in the complex doesn’t compare to all that has been damaged in the last few months. Have you seen the latest?

Anyhow, let me leave you with a musical interlude…

2 thoughts on “My life aquatic… for a day.

  1. hey! i saw your post and happen to be helping a friend plan her wedding in PV and we were like, why doesn’t she have her reception there! then we went and spent the day at the aquarium! thanks for inspiring our day.

  2. this warms my heart! definitely a hidden gem in long beach. btw, it would be awesome if she had her wedding there… i might even crash it if she does! 😀

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