Splendid Table’s LA correspondent is back for seconds! (ahem, that’s me!)

The lovely folks at public radio’s Splendid Table had me back to talk about some LA eats. This week, I talk about Ilan Hall‘s, Top Chef season 2 winner, restaurant The Gorbals in downtown Los Angeles. Check out the interview here.

Here’s a couple teaser photos for those who aren’t sure if they should listen. Below, you’ll see the signature bacon-wrapped matzoh balls.

Here’s my plate of sticky toffee pudding – you must make room for dessert when you go to The Gorbals. I’d like to note that the rest of this dessert was inhaled by yours truly.

I know you’re looking at the pictures and you want some more details on what this place is about and what they are serving up… you can find it all when you listen to the interview here. I hope they have me be back soon – so many good eats in LA and so little time.

2 thoughts on “Splendid Table’s LA correspondent is back for seconds! (ahem, that’s me!)

  1. This was really exciting! When I heard it, I was like “I KNOW WHERE SHE SITS” (because that doesn’t sound stalkerish). I also wish to have Lynn Rossetto Kasper’s babies. Her voice is what warm muffins would sound like if they talked.

  2. Christina, you are a writer… to say that “her voice is what warms muffins” — I love it. Hopefully they will have be back on again. Fingers crossed!

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