My first Comic-Con

San Diego is just a couple hours from me but I rarely go down. Why? Probably because with traffic it can take close to four hours. But this past weekend, I threw caution to the wind and went on a last-minute day-trip to San Diego to attend Comic-Con. It was my first ever trip thanks to my friend Derek Kirk Kim (no relation). Derek, congrats on your Eisner Award this year!

The convention center was more Hollywood than I expected but I found myself in awe of all the movie glitz and glamor. So what did I see while I was there? Lots of characters…

I saw a lot of people dressed up in costumes but I also did some faces from television in the Convention Center like Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba!

I also saw some of the cast members from Glee signing autographs for fans.

It was a long day. We walked around for hours soaking up all the comics, movie glamor, and nerdcore fun. I even ran into some Poketo friends in the merch area. But at the end of the day, I found myself at a San Diego favorite of mine – a place I try to stop by on my rare visits in SD… Extraordinary Desserts. They are known for their cakes but this time I decided to get dinner and dessert.

I ordered the serrano ham panini with a side of couscous. It was a tasty sandwich but it was difficult to bite into the serrano ham. I admit I ate ever little bread crumb and lettuce leaf despite my difficulties. After my panini I walked over to the dessert bakery area to choose my dessert.

It took me several minutes (everything looked good!) but I finally chose the Ivoire Royal which is a 3-layer light poundcake with fruit in between the layers, topped with a butter frosting and shaved white chocolate, and a raspberry sauce on the side. If you’re getting full by my description, take a look at this:

It was almost too beautiful to eat but don’t worry – I ate it all.

San Diego, I can’t wait to come back and try some more quality eats. And Comic-Con, I hope next year I’ll be able to dress up and partake in the superhero festivities.

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