Ladies and gentleman, we are floating in space… with fish tacos!

I feel like I’ve become the unofficial ambassador to Los Angeles since I moved back in November. I’ve had the chance to show my out of town friends the reasons why I love this city s much. On Wednesday, I had the chance to take a friend from New Zealand and Orange County (yes, it’s just 1 hour south of LA but sometimes it’s feels like a whole new world) to  downtown LA and show them a view from above.

To start off this tour, we stopped in Little Tokyo to get some fish tacos at Senor Fish. You’re thinking that we should have gotten Japanese food but the thing is Senor Fish is a Mexican fish taco staple in the area. They are known for their fish tacos and seafood burritos. I admit, they didn’t disappoint. Take a peak…

Above, you’ll see my shrimp taco and fish taco. The portions are big and the seafood is battered and fresh. I should have only ordered these two tacos but I couldn’t help myself when I saw the sopes on the menu… I had to order one. Below, you’ll see my carne asada sopes.

I admit the sope wasn’t as impressive as the tacos. I think it needed more flavor. In retrospect, I should have ordered another fish taco! Senor Fish is also known for their fish (or any seafood type) burritos. Here’s my friend’s regular fish taco.

Next time I go back, I’ll definitely have to order one of the burritos.

After the food binging, I took my friends on a walk through downtown Los Angeles. More specifically, I showed them some key sights on where 500 Days of Summer was filmed – I’m a big sucker for that movie. Then took them on a short drive to Griffith Observatory.

The sun had just gone down and that meant a lot of stargazers were on their way to the observatory too. Full disclosure: This was my first trip to the observatory. I’ve recommended out-of-towners to go to the observatory through the years but I had never gone. Why? When I tried to go, it was closed… but not this time!

Check out some of the amazing sights I saw after 8:00pm/PST.

Do you see those tall buildings towards the center? That’s the downtown Los Angeles skyline. I felt like there were stars in the sky as well as stars down below.

One of the things that struck me from high above Los Angeles was how quiet it was. Yes, you could hear some motorcycles but for the most part, it was peaceful.

I’m looking forward to going back to the observatory to see the planetarium show. This time around, I was able to get into the big telescope (with a 12 inch Zeiss lens!) to see the moon but that meant I didn’t have the time to see the films… it’s always good to leave something for the next trip. Tip: They open the big telescope at 7pm in the summer. Line up early because they close the doors to the telescope at 9:30 and if you’re not inside… better luck next time.

I love playing tourist in my own city! What’s the tourist spot in your city that you’ve never been to?

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