Patbingsu: the other shave ice

In my previous post, I craved shave ice – the Hawaiian type. But last week I had the South Korean shave ice known as patbingsu. What makes the Korean version different is that the ice isn’t as fine and it’s more like a meal. Take a look at the “Monster” that we got at Ice Kiss.

Patbungsu is all about layers. On the bottom you typically have red bean, fruit salad, and ice cream. Then you get the layer of shave ice and some fresh cut fruit like bananas and strawberries (like you see above), more ice cream on top of that, whip cream, and some chocolate sauce. It’s also common to have some bites of mochi and condensed milk on it. For our dish, we also added a dusting of taro powder. This is definitely a dessert to be shared with many friends.

Here’s a close-up photo of the dish just in case you really want to drool over your computer on this hot summer day…

Special note: When I was in Korea, I had a craving for this (even though it was at the tail end of winter) and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Apparently, it’s served in the summers over there. Thank goodness I live in the paradise called Los Angeles which has it year-round.

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