Behind-the-scenes of a public radio lunch

My dear colleague (and fellow foodie) Paddy Hirsch is taking a 10-month sabbatical. Here’s Paddy at the good-bye drinks we had for him this week… he had no idea paparazzi photos were being taken of him.

(Photo by Dalasie Michaelis)

The office will miss the dapper editor but before he left, he took time out of his busy schedule to show me his sacred lunch ritual: the chopped salad. Why is this sacred? Well, he’s been living off the stuff for the last three years while working at Marketplace and he hasn’t gotten sick of it. Yes, I’m serious. I’d see him walk by my desk with his bag of greens, carrots and a bowl everyday and never knew what he was doing… until now!

Paddy’s Chopped Salad

Step 1: Paddy stops by his local Trader Joe’s and picks up his raw materials for his salad: Bag of mixed greens, cut carrots, cooked chicken, and avocados. From home, he brings in his homemade dressing (see step 8). For those at home, once you have all your raw materials, open up that bag of greens and toss into a large bowl.

Step 2: With a clean pair of kitchen scissors… start chopping away on those greens. Chop! Chop! Chop!

Note: Some of you may be scoffing at scissors for cutting but I’m telling you – it works! Koreans use kitchen scissors a lot (go to any Korean BBQ or come over and watch my mom in action in the kitchen) – it’s practical and gets the work done. Just make sure they are clean.

Step 3: Once you have your greens nicely chopped, add some cut carrots and start chopping away  with your scissors. Chop! Chop! Chop!

Step 4: Now add the pre-cooked chicken from the store. You know what to do next… Chop! Chop! Chop!

Step 5: Take a step back and admire your salad. You’re almost done…

Step 6: Get your avocado and cut in half. Pick up one of the halves and cut vertically but not puncturing through the skin.

Step 7: Scoop the avocado into the bowl and toss your salad.

Step 8: Add dressing and toss again. Paddy’s uses his homemade dressing made of sesame oil and olive oil.

Step 9: Choose a large bowl and carefully put your salad in the bowl. Paddy says it’s important that you choose the right bowl so your salad comfortably fits in there. Alas, on his last day at work, his bowl was missing so he found a substitute.

FINAL step: Enjoy!

A healthy lunch doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated to make. The best meals are simple and full of flavor – just like this one. What are you cooking up for lunch at work?

Thank you, Paddy, for sharing your lunch ritual with me. We’ll miss you at Marketplace but we know we’ll see you in 10-months! Go forth and revolutionize journalism!

3 thoughts on “Behind-the-scenes of a public radio lunch

  1. I understand that the name of the salad is a chopped salad, so it must be chopped, but other than the name, is there any real reason to actually do the chopping? Everything other than the chicken pieces seem to already be bite size friendly.

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