Belle & Sebastian is “Write About Love”

Those who know me know that I adore Belle & Sebastian. The layers of sound and the bittersweet lyrics mixed with Stuart Murdoch’s charm make it all irresistible for me. B&S have a new album, “Write About Love,” coming out in October and their label is releasing promos like this free MP3 download of “Write About Love” you can get now.

There’s also a 28-minute B&S TV show that was produced by the Glasgow production company Forest of Black where the band talks about their new album and performs a couple songs from the new release that you can watch below.

And if seeing them online and hearing their music isn’t enough, the band is going on the road  this fall (heck yeah!!) and you can find dates here.

A while ago, I produced a B&S interview for the WBUR Boston public radio program Here & Now that you can check out on their archived website here — click on the full broadcast and skip to 34:37 for the interview with Stuart Murdoch and Mick Cooke.

I remember when my awesome arts editor snapped this photo when we did the interview. It was definitely one of my favorite stories I got to produce while I was at Here & Now. It was actually the first time I used ProTools too! Listening to it now, there are some things I would have changed but que sera… I’m glad my pitch was accepted and I got to produce it.

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