My current craving: KyoChon chicken wings!

If you’re my food fairy, you’ll magically bring me KyoChon soy garlic chicken wings for lunch today. Those who haven’t had the privilege of consuming these tasty Korean-style fried wings are missing out and I truly feel sorry for you. The wings are double-fried and coated with the special KyoChon secret sauces that was created by the founder in Korea – there are three different ones (soy garlic, hot & sweet, honey) but my favorite is the soy garlic.

The Korean-based chain has over 1,000 stores mostly in Korea and China but they have about 10 stores in the U.S. (the American flagship one is in NYC) and a few are right here in Los Angeles. The first shop opened in 1991 in Gumi, South Korea according the the KyoChon website. The website also says the founder and his wife are the only ones who know the secret of what’s really in their sauces. Oh yeah, and they like using seasonal vegetables and use free range chicken!

I recently went to the Culver City one and snapped these photos for you.

My friend and I ordered the bi-bim-bap rice ball and 10 soy garlic wings to split.

Next time, I’m going to skip the bi-bim-bap rice ball because it was lacking flavor for me – all I could taste was the sesame oil even though there were bits of veggies and meat in there. I realized the rice ball was poor foreplay for the main course: the chicken wings. Lesson learned.

Take a look at the crispy wings that make my salivary glands to what they do best when I think about consuming this dish… salivate!

What’s great about the Korean chicken wings is that they aren’t greasy like the ones from KFC or Popeye’s. You don’t feel guilty after eating these wings. After one bite, you’ll realize why KyoChon is the largest chicken wing chain in South Korea.

Los Angeles has plenty of chicken wing places – what’s your favorite? Why? And if you want to be my new foodie BFF, you’re more than welcome to take me to your favorite spot.

4 thoughts on “My current craving: KyoChon chicken wings!

  1. hi angela! i am cathy; we met at isabella’s party at your apt a month ago. i just started to love kyochon too! i am hooked! we gotta go on foodie adventures! i can show some good vietnamese spots!

  2. Excellent, flavorful wings. Word of caution: Stay Away from the Spicy Wings…unless you like to torture your taste buds. Upon the first bite, you really get a depth of flavor with the spiciness, but then it hits you. You become slightly dizzy, then your mouth feels like it just blew a fireball. Eventually the sweating kicks in and you begin to wish you had some dairy nearby. Luckily, if you try the spicy wings, they present you with a small sample cup of soft serve when the check arrives.

    The other wings are, of course, well executed.

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