You + me and Polka!

Foodie pals, Emily and Gregory, invited me out for dinner at Eagle Rock’s Polka a couple weeks ago. I had no idea what this place was about except that it served up Polish food and I secretly hoped it would serve up a side of Polka music. Alas, no music BUT the food was nothing short of delicious.

Polka is a family owned restaurant located in a strip mall – very unassuming. When you walk in, you are engulfed into the over-the-top homey decor. The place is intimate and cozy. There’s a massive autographed poster from Food Network’s Guy Fieri hanging above the entrance but please don’t let that deter you. This isn’t a greasy spoon diner, it’s a real family-style authentic Polish restaurant in the middle of Los Angeles.

Check out this hodge-podge interior design that was right behind my chair:

OK, so original decor – check! Let’s get to the food.

I ordered the potato and cheese pierogies and a side of the kielbasa. You can’t see the kielbasa in this photo because the plate of pierogies had my attention. Your basic peirogi is a boiled dumpling that’s served up in Poland but variations exist in Eastern Europe, North America, Ukraine… etc. You can fill it with potatoes, meat, cheese, cabbage, mushroom… etc. My potato and cheese filling were a perfect comfort food combo. Take a look!

My pierogies were served up with some veggies on the side. To be honest, I kind of regretted ordering the side of kielbasa because I didn’t realize how huge my pierogi entree would be. Now I know. Oh yeah, and this place serves up a dessert for you after your dinner – chocolate pudding! Who does that!?

Thanks, , Emily and Gregory, for another successful foodie adventure! Can’t wait for the next.

2 thoughts on “You + me and Polka!

  1. I did see her. The entire family is cute! I love how the father wears bright red suspenders and laughing with the customers. Really awesome family!

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