Fraîche eats in Santa Monica

Believe it or not, you can find decent restaurants in tourst-filled stops in Los Angeles.

A couple weeks ago, my friend and I ended up at Fraîche in Santa Monica. The restaurant is around the corner from Third Street Promenade – one of the busiest places on the westside. FYI: There is also another location in Culver City. I’ve heard about their stellar happy hour but hadn’t heard much about their dinners. I admit I was impressed with their dinner.

One of the highlights at this French-Italian restaurant was this halibut served over seasoned vegetables. The fish had a buttery crispness on the outside and the white meaty part was moist. But I admit it was the bed of seasoned veggies underneath the fish that made this dish shine. The key was the sweet corn that added a light sweetness that hit your palette after the buttery savory seasoning.

I can’t forget dessert! We decided to share this hazelnut ice cream and pastry. I’m a big Nutella fan so if I see the word hazelnut on a menu, I’m immediately drawn to it. Do you blame me? Take a look at how we ended the night.

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