Adventures in Ostrichland!

If you drive to Solvang on highway 246, you’ll see stretches of rolling green hills, wineries, and ostriches. Yes, ostriches!

Ostrichland has over 50 ostriches and emus on premises. The place is open year-round and you can pay $4 to feed them or you can hang out in the gift shop where you can buy ostrich meat (which is lean) to emu eggs! Note: The ostrich meat they sell is not from the ostriches raised onsite. Ostriches in Ostrichland are a tourist attraction and not raised to be food.

I know the picture above looks like a pair of avocados but those are emu eggs. The guy behind the register said we could buy it and take it home to make a few omeletes (with just one egg) if we wanted. We decided to pass on the eggs (and ostrich meat) and paid the $5 to feed the ostriches instead.

I admit I was really excited to see ostriches. I always thought they were graceful with their long necks and large eyes. However, when I stepped outside, I saw warning signs that said they bite. I began to have second thoughts and wondered what I had gotten myself into. But before I could turn away, they knew there was food on me.

Below, you’ll see me feeding the ostriches. I almost backed out but figured if I stood my ground, they wouldn’t hurt me. Let me tell you – they have strong beaks! I had to hold the bowl against the wooden fence because the force of them pecking at the bowl almost knocked me down.

I definitely recommend stopping at Ostrichland to stretch your legs and to check out the sights even if you’re not going to feed the two-legged birds.

But before you go, check out these facts about ostriches!

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