February sounds like this…

Here’s some music to get you through the cold winter nights.

For those of you who are Pitchfork fiends and follow the AV Club, you’ve heard of Tennis. The band has been hyped by music blogs for months and to be honest – the hype is for real. I can’t get their music out of my head. For those who haven’t heard of Tennis, here’s your introduction.

Tennis is Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, the husband-and-wife team from Colorado. Their album, Cape Dory, is inspired by their yearlong voyage on a sailboat. The album is out now and it has a great nostalgic sound that will warm cold hearts. Give it a listen…

One of my favorite Swedish bands is coming to town: The Radio Dept. I’ve been a fan for years and they rarely travel stateside so I was more than ecstatic when I found out they were playing at the El Rey. Yes, I have my tickets in hand.

Their sound is a bit shoegaze and a bit dream pop. Their latest album, Clinging to a Scheme, is probably their best yet because you can hear their range and the music is tighter than their previous albums. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of their previous work but I think this album really stands out and shows how much they’ve progressed.

Here’s an artist who doesn’t use words – it’s all instrumental: Ólafur Arnalds. He’s an Icelandic artist in his mid-20s. He used to be in a hardcore/metal band but now creates ethereal neo-classical electronic music. Quite a transition. His music seems simple at first listen but it’s quite complex. He’s on tour now – I’m actually going to see him play at The Echoplex.

Happy listening!

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