Some of my favorite things…

Here are some things that make me smile. I can’t believe March is just starting and there’s so much awesome things to share with you. More to come… but til then, enjoy these finds.

Tiny Wings app on iphone – Help this little birdie see new land at lightning speed with just a touch.

TED – Right now, big thinkers and creative minds are meeting in Long Beach. Alas, I’m not a luminary so I’m not at the event but I can watch from you and so can you! Here’s the first video posted from this year’s meeting of the minds…

Adele ’21’ – One of my favorite albums so far in 2011. I hope this is a sign for more good music to come this year. Adele’s ’21’ is soulful and smart. I admit I can’t help but turn up the volume when I listen to this album.

Charlie Sheen in New Yorker Cartoons – I do admit there’s been a Charlie Sheen overload in the media these days. Here’s a worthy link that is clever and brings a new depth to Sheen’s words. Brilliant! By the way, here’s a clip from the ABC interview chock-full of Charlie Sheen quotables.

2 thoughts on “Some of my favorite things…

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Rachel! Love your work too. I’m going to put you in my blogroll. I think it’s time for you to visit Los Angeles… yes? I’ll take you out on the ultimate food tour of LA.

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