Island of Lanai: Icee surprise!

Don’t you love new discoveries? I admit li hing muy, the salted plum powder, isn’t an everyday ingredient for me but I thought I knew what it was mainly used for – I’ve talked about the amazing flavor that li hing mui brings to fruits and shave ice. On a recent trip to the island of Lanai in Hawaii I found out you can put it on Icees! I had to take a double-take when I saw this sign.

The guy at the cafe first put a little bit of the powder at the bottom of the cup then filled it halfway with the cherry Icee and put more powder on top of that. He finished it off with another layer of the Icee and a few extra dabs of li hing mui on top. My advice to you when you are your sipping this – do it fast. As the flavor seeps to the bottom of the cup, the flavor gets more sugary and syrupy. Warning: If you don’t have a sweet tooth, this may not be for you.

When I got back to Oahu, I did start to notice signs at small mom and pop shops offering this drink. I bought some li hing mui from the market and hope to try this out in LA. If you see me at 7-11 with a bag of li hing mui at the slurpee machine, don’t mind me.

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