Island of Lanai: lunch time!

On my short stay on Lanai, I had one meal and random snacks like the icee I previously blogged about. Yes, your dear foodie had just one complete meal. It was a simple lunch at Blue Ginger Cafe in Lanai City and it was a good one.

I got the mahi burger with regular fixings (lettuce, tomatoes, tartar sauce) and a side of fries. I know it sounds and looks plain but the thing is, it’s the best mahi burger I’ve had so far. Why? Because the fish was seasoned just right and super fresh. When you cook with fresh ingredients, you don’t need to cover it up by frying it or covering it with a bunch of spices.

And after lunch, I had to finish it off with dessert. When you walk into the cafe, you’re welcomed by a fresh platter of baked goods. I tried to fight getting dessert at first but when my colleague said she would split something with me, I couldn’t say no. With no hesitation, I requested the blueberry turnover that I saw when I walked in.

The soft flaky exterior was light and sweet and the blueberry wasn’t overly sugary. I could have eaten an entire platter of these if I could. If I find myself in Lanai again, I’m going to start and end everything with this pastry.

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