Happily ever after and… Dimey’s Donuts!

I went to a lovely wedding this weekend in Pasadena. It was a beautiful event filled with lots of love and well wishes for the couple. I remembered talking with the bride during the early planning stages of the wedding and she said she wanted tacos at her wedding – sure enough, the tacos were there. But what caught my eye was the dessert: gourmet donuts!

I’m used to wedding cakes, cupcakes, and pies at weddings but this was the first time I had gourmet donuts for dessert at a wedding. The donuts were freshly fried up and dressed by Dimey’s Donuts.

As far as I can tell, Dimey’s seems to make donuts for special events. Their homepage is bare with just a contact email address. Their Facebook page says they made 250 donuts for the wedding – and I’m pretty sure all 250 donuts were happily eaten.

I do hope they open up a shop because their donuts are quite good. As you can see above, there was an assortment of chocolate glazed, passion fruit lemon glaze, and s’mores. Each donut is twice the size of your average donut hole. It’s actually not a dense dough – it’s airy and is perfectly fried. But my favorite from the bunch was the s’mores donut.

I took my first bite and I could taste the graham cracker crumbs layered over the donut glaze. Inside was a dollop of dark chocolate and marshmallow. The donut was light and had the s’mores flavors in each bite.

I have to admit that donuts are an ideal dessert for parties – they are simple, you don’t need utensils, and there’s no real mess (unless you get powdered donuts).

4 thoughts on “Happily ever after and… Dimey’s Donuts!

  1. Angela, thanks so much for this great write up—we’re so happy the donuts were a hit! The newlyweds are good friends of mine, so we were excited to contribute to the wedding in this way. We started Dimey’s Donuts as a side project and have been frying at events like these, baby showers, and private parties. Thanks again for the mention!

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