My cold remedy: Sul Lung Tang

I had a cold for the past two weeks. You know, the one where you think you’re getting better but it doesn’t quite go away. Don’t worry, I’m cold-free now. While I was sick though, I had the biggest hankering for some sul lung tang (or seolleongtang… pronouncer: SUH-loong-TAHNG). It’s a Korean soup which is equivalent to a chicken soup for me. Why? Because I crave it whenever I get a cold or flu.

It’s a simple soup but takes almost the whole day to make. Basically, you boil ox bones for hours that make a milky broth without seasoning. You can add Korean glass noodles and also some brisket, tripe, or both for some protein. Then when you are ready to eat it, you can add garlic, green onions, and salt to flavor the soup — you season it yourself right when you’re going to eat it and no before. Here’s my soup that I got as take out from Han Bat Sul Lung Tang in Koreatown.

Han Bat Sul Lung Tang is a no-nonsense restaurant – this soup is pretty much all they serve but I’m sure you got that from their name. You can eat at the restaurant but since I was pretty sick, I got my meal for take-out.

My mom always told me if I craved sul lung tang, go to the place that only makes this — mama Kim was right because this place didn’t disappoint. For $9 I got the soup with brisket (you can choose from brisket, tripe, tongue, or flank), two types of kimchi (cabbage and radish), rice, chili paste, green onions, and sea salt. Here’s the spread I made when I got home…

Before I spooned the rice into the soup, I added green onions and then the sea salt. I matched the flavor first then I added my rice. NOTE: I try not to add too much salt to be healthy.

If you’re looking for some Korean comfort food soup, I highly recommend Han Bat Sul Lung Tang. By the time I was done with it, there wasn’t an extra drop left in the bowl.

TIP: If you get the soup for take out, put it in the fridge for a little bit and the fat will collect to the top of the broth and you can easily spoon it out – this is what I do so it’s less fatty.

5 thoughts on “My cold remedy: Sul Lung Tang

  1. mmmmm… Sounds good… Too bad I don’t know where to get good Sul Lung Tang in Vancouver… Not a lot of variety in Korean restaurants up here. Maybe I’ll have to look up a recipe for that. Thanks for posting!

  2. YES! This is the best when I feel sick. Or galbitang. Or dwaenjangguk. Or any Korean soup. 🙂

    Another sick remedy to try: Shin ramen + tons of chopped raw garlic stirred in right before eating. I swear by this. Eating ramen when I’m not sick makes me sick; eat it when I’m sick, I’m healed.

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