Shave ice + milk = Blockheads Shavery Co.

This past weekend I was doing my part to support small businesses by getting a haircut at Taka Salon and getting some gifts at Giant Robot on Sawtelle. While running errands I found a new shave ice place called Blockheads Shavery Co. – well it’s a different take on shave ice. Their version is creamier because they add milk into the ice blocks. Here’s how they explain it:

Blockheads Shavery Co. is tucked away on Mississippi right off of Sawtelle. It’s been open for a couple weeks and so far I like what they are serving up.

Here’s how you order.

  1. You choose the flavor of the ice. They have various flavors ranging from original which is a milky cream flavor, strawberry, chocolate, and black sesame.
  2. Pick your toppings
  3. Pick your puree.

If you can’t decide, they have a list of their popular combinations posted. I got the #3 which is the original ice, strawberry and mochi toppings, and strawberry purree. The guy at the counter was nice and gave me a sample of their homemade rice cakes to try.

The portion was larger than I thought it would be but surprisingly, it wasn’t heavy. When they make the snow cream, they bring out a block of ice that is a mixture of the infused flavor you want and milk – to give it that creamy consistency when they shave it like regular shave ice in the machine… then you get snow cream!

The snow cream is soft, smooth, and light. I admit from the three toppings I had, the homemade ricecakes (which is slightly larger than mochi) was my favorite because it had a soft and moist texture that went well with the strawberries and snow cream.

I love how the shave ice falls apart when you scoop up each bite at a time. Check out the photo above – how the ice really looks like shavings. If you love ice cream and/or shave ice, this place is definitely worth trying. I will be back!

Blockheads Shavery Co. prices are decent – a regular bowl is about $3.50. The combination I got was $4.50 — and I split it with someone because it was pretty big.

Blockheads Shavery Co. 
11311 Mississippi Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

7 thoughts on “Shave ice + milk = Blockheads Shavery Co.

  1. oooh that looks a lot like fluff ice which i loved but is all the way in the SGV. will be filming on sawtelle friday…hello!!!

  2. Yeah, someone told me about Fluff Ice… I’ll definitely have to try it next time. Lynn, you must try it and let me know what you think! They do offer samples (but they do have to take a huge hunk of ice out each time to give you a sample so think wisely on what you want to taste or the server will be doing major weights for your taste).

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