Off-the-menu eats at Short Order LA

My friend had a Blackboard Eats deal she wanted to use at Short Order LA – a gourmet hamburger place that’s a  collaboration of Amy Pressman and Nancy Silverton. Don’t be afraid because I wrote “gourmet” – the scene is very casual and I’ve walked by this place many times but haven’t tried it because I often choose the farmer’s market food court on the other side because of the selection and affordability. But like everyone else who is part of the deal craze, we decided to check out the pricy side of life thanks to my friend’s deal.

My friend’s deal got us orders of off-the-menu-burgers, fries, and cocktails. It was a beautiful spread as you can see.

The burger off-the-menu was the Rocky Mountain Burger that was topped with fried shallots and homemade BBQ sauce. The shallots weren’t overwhelming like onion rings – it’s crispy well-seasoned flavor was thanks to the cornmeal batter . The burger part was a mix of three cuts of beef (brisket, short rib, and flat iron). It was topped with iceberg lettuce, and aged chedder cheese. The BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy and paired well with the fried shallots. This is definitely a beautiful burger and beyond filling.

We shared a side of fries and let me tell you, the fries were just right! Served fresh and crisp with the right amount of salt. I admit we did overdo it with the fried food during this meal but don’t fret because we washed it down with cocktails. Here’s my “Blow the Whistle”, which reminded me of a “greyhound,” in the foreground and my friend’s “Frisco Sour” in the background.

I admit I didn’t finish my meal because it was all quite filling. I definitely recommend if you head out to Short Order LA, enjoy the patio with some cocktails and appetizers and perhaps split a burger if you don’t have a large appetite. I’m looking forward to going back and trying something on-the-menu next time!

5 thoughts on “Off-the-menu eats at Short Order LA

  1. Love that 1st photo, Angela! I need to try a Short Order burger again…had one during their soft opening awhile back and was a bit underwhelmed, as there was too much disguising what should be an excellent mix of ground meats (I like condiments, but the meat should shine first and foremost). Maybe just need to knock off half those shallots 😀

  2. HI Angela! My name is Min and I heard you on Splendid Table today! I’m a lil’ behind the times and just started listening to podcasts to keep me entertained for during my brutal commute. Splendid Table was my very first one and the first episode I listened to was the one when you talked about 물냉면! You had such a pleasant voice and just had to stop by your blog as soon as I got home 😉 I look forward to following you! My husband LOVES burgers (he recently started a burger blog too ^o^), and I bet he’s going to drool over this one!

    • Thanks, Min! That’s the nicest thing anyone has said about my talk on Splendid Table. Really kind of you. And welcome to podcast listening – lots of great audio out there to keep you company in traffic. Btw, I like your blog – it made me very hungry… that’s a good sign. 🙂

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