Splendid Table – Los Angeles Food Correspondent. Interviews include:

Marketplace – Public Insight Producer

Weekend America – Associate Producer

As I Am: Asians in America (pilot) – produced segment that received a 2008 Gracie Award


Here are just a few of my favorite stories that I’ve produced through the years (in no specific order)…

Musician Bon Iver talking about what inspired him for his debut album.

Cartoonist Joe Sacco talking about the reissue of Palestine.

Art shanties in Minnesota.

My award-winning (Gracie 2008) personal essay. It’s about home.

Mom’s graduation.

Heavy metal in Iraq.

Blues/gospel/punk/rock music of Lady Dottie.

Christopher Bell’s gigs by canoe.

Time Out in Lebanon and Beirut.

One thought on “Media

  1. Angela, I just read your Graduation story about your mom. It left a tear in my eye! She’s probably so proud of you. The piece was so nicely written. I had no idea you write creative nonfiction.

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