Weekly food round-up – Taco Bell, Alinea, and artisan coffee! [VIDEOS]

Since I’m listening to doctor’s orders and staying in, I’ve been catching up on food stories on the internet – ranging from the unbelievable to the awesome. Here’s a round-up of some links and videos that caught my attention.

Alinea presents… edible helium ballons! You have to see it, then you’ll want to inhale it!

And for you Angelenos who live off of coffee, looks like artisan coffee is the big thing right now. I’ve added some coffeehouse brewing porn for you…

Handsome Coffee, Downtown LA Arts District

DripLA, Koreatown

Demitasse Cafe, Little Tokyo

Cheese or Cool Ranch taco shells? Taco Bell test kitchen has been testing Doritos taco shells and looks like you might be able to try one yourself! And if you want proof, humorist John Eick is tweeting about it.

Video: Beautiful tomato plating by Alinea

Here’s a short video posted by the famous Chicago gastronomie restaurant Alinea Restaurant. Loved the colors of the tomatoes and movement in this short. All in all, lovely plating that made me drool for refreshing summertime dishes. However, I don’t quite know what the pillows at the end are meant to do. Do you know? Please share.