Bacon + eggs + cheese + biscuits = brunch [RECIPE]

Brunch is one of my favorite meals of the day. And when you can brunch with a group of friends – it’s even better. This past weekend, my friends and I created a Facebook event and invited everyone to bring a dish. The hardest thing was to find a place large enough to¬†accommodate us. We chose the picnic benches bear Trails Cafe in Griffith Park. This way, folks could buy a hot cup of coffee or go hiking afterwards. The event was a success! Friends from LA and OC gathered around an entire picnic table chock full of food from Porto’s Bakery, Susina’s Bakery, and homemade goodness.

I typically bake something sweet but this time around, I decided to bake something savory. I found a recipe for Bacon-Cheese-Pull-Aparts (see end of blog post). It combined all the flavors I love for brunch so I couldn’t resist. Also, it only has six ingredients:

  1. Egg
  2. Milk
  3. Cheese
  4. Bacon
  5. Pillsbury Grands dough
  6. Green onion

When you mix the contents in a bowl, do it gently so you don’t flatten the biscuit dough. TIP: Use a wooden spoon because it’s more gentle on the dough than a metal spatula. Follow the directions and put it in a glass baking dish that has been greased — I used butter and flour.

I baked my dish about 28 minutes – I closely watched it to make sure the tops were golden brown. Plus, I knew it was ready because my house smelled like brunch (bacon, eggs, and cheese).

bacon eggs cheese biscuits recipe

The dish is best served right out of the oven. My dish was warm when it got to the potluck but quickly cooled because of the commute. I would definitely make this again!

RECIPE: Bacon-Cheese-Pull-Aparts

November birthday memories… of food!

November was a good month. Why? Because I got to celebrate my birthday. And what better way to commemorate my new year but with good food.

The morning started off with gourmet donuts. I had just picked up a donut after a meeting that I was eyeing from across the room and my colleague said, “Don’t eat that! Follow me.” We got into the car and ended up in downtown’s Nickel Diner.

Yes, it’s an actual diner where you can get bacon and eggs but they are famous for their fancy pants donuts. We walked away with half a dozen donuts in four flavors: red velvet, strawberry crumble, Nutella, and the bacon maple donut.

We decided to cut up each of the flavors so we could have a gourmet donut tasting.

The strawberry crumble donut reminded me of the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Bar. I did expect a stronger strawberry flavor but the sweet crumbles made up for it in its own way.

Above is the Nutella donut with hazelnut. This donut had a nice crunch when I bit into it and it was probably my second favorite donut of the bunch – who doesn’t love Nutella!?

Just by looking at the red velvet donut, I figured I’d would know how it would taste – red velvet powdered donut with some cream cheese frosting in the center. However, it was nice to bite into the donut to find small pieces of chocolate. The chocolate added an unexpected texture at first bite which I think was a smart decision of Nickel Diner.

Last of the donut flavors is the bacon maple donut – my favorite from the bunch. The donut dough was soft and airy which balanced well with the rich maple and bacon on top. Yes, this donut has real pieces of bacon on it! What’s not to love?

For lunch, I went out to get ramen at Shin Sen-Gumi, which I’ve blogged about before. A comforting bowl of ramen with a side of nori (seaweed) and iced green tea was a good way to celebrate my birthday during my work lunch. And yes, it tested wonderful!

And now on to dinner. You’re probably wondering which restaurant I went to but to be honest, I requested a simple home-cooked meal. To have someone you know cook a meal for you on your special day is thoughtful and adds a personal touch.

This dinner consisted of a mixed green salad with cilantro dressing, roasted chicken breast, and fingerling potatoes with sour cream and chives. The chicken skin had the perfect crunch when my knife slid into the flesh. And for dessert…

Molten chocolate lava cake with a side of vanilla bean ice cream. This one was bought from Paris Baguette in Koreatown. You just have to put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and it heats up the cake and the chocolate in the center just enough without burning your tongue when you take the first bite. I’ve always enjoyed Paris Baguette’s molten chocolate lava cake with a side of ice cream because it’s not overly sweet like most chocolate cakes.

All in all, my birthday was filled with lots of great surprises and treats and I look forward to an awesome year ahead!

Perfect parfait recipe by Angela

I’ve been trying to get in the habit of making breakfast (either to eat at home or take to work when I’m running late). One easy and quick dish is a fruit parfait. Here’s a photo of one of my creations. All you need is yogurt, fruit and granola. Yes, it’s that easy.

In a bowl, I put in :

A dollop of Greek yogurt (I prefer Fage plain yogurt)
A sprinkle of granola (I like Trader Joe’s Just The Cluster Vanilla Almond Granola)
Cut up fresh fruit that is in-season (here I have white peaches, pineapple, blueberries, and strawberries)
Another dollop of Greek yogurt
Top it off with a sprinkle of granola
* For a healthy option, you can add flax seed with your granola

The picture is pretty and the colors are great but it’s even better when you eat it. The greek yogurt has a think consistency that reminds me of mouse which works well with the juicy fruits. I like using plain yogurt because the fruit and granola already have a sweet taste – you don’t want to over do it with the sugar in your yogurt too.

Bon appetit!