My first Comic-Con

San Diego is just a couple hours from me but I rarely go down. Why? Probably because with traffic it can take close to four hours. But this past weekend, I threw caution to the wind and went on a last-minute day-trip to San Diego to attend Comic-Con. It was my first ever trip thanks to my friend Derek Kirk Kim (no relation). Derek, congrats on your Eisner Award this year!

The convention center was more Hollywood than I expected but I found myself in awe of all the movie glitz and glamor. So what did I see while I was there? Lots of characters…

I saw a lot of people dressed up in costumes but I also did some faces from television in the Convention Center like Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba!

I also saw some of the cast members from Glee signing autographs for fans.

It was a long day. We walked around for hours soaking up all the comics, movie glamor, and nerdcore fun. I even ran into some Poketo friends in the merch area. But at the end of the day, I found myself at a San Diego favorite of mine – a place I try to stop by on my rare visits in SD… Extraordinary Desserts. They are known for their cakes but this time I decided to get dinner and dessert.

I ordered the serrano ham panini with a side of couscous. It was a tasty sandwich but it was difficult to bite into the serrano ham. I admit I ate ever little bread crumb and lettuce leaf despite my difficulties. After my panini I walked over to the dessert bakery area to choose my dessert.

It took me several minutes (everything looked good!) but I finally chose the Ivoire Royal which is a 3-layer light poundcake with fruit in between the layers, topped with a butter frosting and shaved white chocolate, and a raspberry sauce on the side. If you’re getting full by my description, take a look at this:

It was almost too beautiful to eat but don’t worry – I ate it all.

San Diego, I can’t wait to come back and try some more quality eats. And Comic-Con, I hope next year I’ll be able to dress up and partake in the superhero festivities.

Let me eat cake!

I know summers are usually associated with fruit pies but for the last few weeks, I’ve just been hankering for some cake – soft, moist, semi-sweet cake with a touch of frosting.

My first stop led me to an oldie but a goodie place… King’s Hawaiian.  Yes, the same people that put out those tasty sweet spongy rolls have a chain of restaurants here in California. The one I grew up with is the one located in Torrance. You step in and the first thing you see is their bakery – full of breads, donuts, and… cakes! It’s a family restaurant that reminds me of the 80’s – it’s pretty awesome.

And what did I order? The dobash cake – it’s a silky cake with a smooth frosting that’s almost like pudding. When you take a bite, the cake and frosting melt in your mouth. The cake is popular in Hawaii and I’m so glad it’s here on the mainland.

Next cake… tres leches cake. It’s probably one of my top 3 cakes.

I was in Orange County for the weekend for a friend’s wedding. I had a few hours to myself and decided to have an al fresco lunch solo at Felix Continental Cafe in Orange. The food is alright but the reason I love this place is really for the dessert. They make the cake onsite and when you get a slice, it’s not all done up like a fancy bakery – it’s simple and tasty. Why is it called tres leches? The cake is soaked in three types of milk – it’s not mushy, just moist. Take a peek…

And I end this entry with the third final cake from the east coast bakery that just opened up here in Los Angeles – Magnolia. My awesome roommate stopped by the bakery last night. She tried to get cupcakes but they were all out. But she didn’t leave empty-handed. She nabbed the last slice of red velvet cake with whipped vanilla frosting.

The flavor of the cake is exactly how I remembered it when I had it in New York – hint of cocoa embedded in pillow-like cake. However, this was the first time I had red velvet without cream cheese frosting. Because red velvet is a delicate cake, the heavy cream cheese frosting is a great compliment. I think the fuffy white vanilla frosting is something to get used to.

By the way, I didn’t mention any cupcakes here… this was an all straight-up cake entry. Perhaps cupcakes another time. I wonder what I’ll be craving next…