Veggie eats: Veggie Grill

Meat eating friends who shy away from vegetarian dining establishments, please don’t disregard this entry. Recently, my friend, Isabella, took me to a veggie place she had been wanting me to try for months: Veggie Grill. It’s an affordable super tasty veggie fast food place that has several locations in Los Angeles and Orange County.

When I asked my friend Isabella (aka Veggie Grill expert) what to try, she basically named everything off the menu because she loves it all. I settled on the Santa Fe Crispy “Chicken” wrap with a side of the veggie chili.

When you bite into the wrap, the battered and fried fake chicken (Veggie Grill’s fake chicken is a veggie protein blend) ┬áhas a great crunch to it that isn’t too greasy. I was a fan of the spicy vegan mayo because it had a nice kick to it. The fake chicken texture isn’t dense as real chicken but it comes close — plus the overall flavors and freshness of the vegetables compensates for it. The cup of chili was good but I kind of wish they had chili fries because it would have gone well on top of a bed of french fries.

I know what I ate was fried and it was fast food but after my meal I didn’t feel guilty… or overly full and bloated. If you’re trying to be healthy and eat less meat, I definitely recommend going to Veggie Grill.