If you’re having a bad day…

You should watch this music video by OK Go. It’s another winner… really! I love the creativity in their music videos – which I’ve highlighted before in a previous post. Please don’t judge but I admit I’m a bigger fan of their videos than the music. The music is definitely catchy but they’ve really established themselves in making original and memorable music videos. Someone please give these guys a MTV Lifetime Achievement Award for making REAL music videos!

Anyhow, if you had a bad day or if you just want to smile, please take a moment to watch this:

Music videos that make me smile

Here are some notable music videos of 2010. Why do I like these? It’s the storytelling that takes place in 3-5 minutes. Plus, these artists look like they are having a damn good time while making music.

I heart Mark Ronson. Enough said… just watch and you’ll know why.

Here’s the new OK Go video that came out this month. Seems pretty simple but when you look closely, you realize this was shot all in real time and it’s made by using stop-motion. Well done!

And we can’t forget OK Go’s last video – yeah, I’m talking about the Rube Goldberg machine one… brilliant!

This Vampire Weekend video has some unexpected cameo appearances by Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil Jon, RZA, and Joe Jonas. Plus, this is one catchy song that I adore.