San Francisco morning treat!

I admit when I go to San Francisco, I have it easy. I have friends who have lived there for years who have an affinity for good food. But most importantly, they love to share their favorite places and explore their city with out of town friends… like me!

One morning, we had a craving for donuts and came across a place called The Jelly Donut in the Mission. I liked jelly donuts so went in. The case was full of fresh donuts ranging from old fashioned to bear claws to jelly. The sweet fried smell in the tiny shop was very satisfying on that cold rainy day.

I asked the guy at the counter which donut I should order — I assumed he would tell me to order one of the flavored jelly donuts but to my surprise, he said the cake donut. So I got the cake donut but my friend ended up buying the jelly donut too. It only seemed fair to get a jelly donut at The Jelly Donut shop. I admit that I appreciated the honesty of the guy behind the counter because the cake donut was the right choice. Sometimes a cake donut can be overly dry, dense, and oily but this one was moist and cakey and had a nice sweetness from the crumbs it was bathed in. Take a look.

I felt less guilty eating that donut because I was walking around while munching. That justified, right?

The sweet taste of artisan chocolates from San Francisco

I felt special when I got this petite box of chocolates from ┬ásomeone who went to visit the artisan chocolatiers at Charles Chocolates in San Francisco. I admit the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging – very simple and understated. Only recently have I realized that with chocolates, less is more. Even though four pieces of chocolates doesn’t seem much, the high quality ingredients and the special packaging made it feel as if I was getting a big gift – it’s not your everyday chocolate. I hear this place has really unique flavors… take a peek at my special package.

The box of chocolates was packaged with a magnetic close and the chocolates were snuggling in their little ridged paper cups.

The chocolates someone else selected for me included: 2 salted caramels, earl grey tea, and bacon. All the chocolates tasted good — not too bitter or sugary. But I admit the salted caramels were my favorite because the salt was so subtle that only aided in the sweet flavor of the caramel and dark chocolate.