What’s in season @ the Larchmont Farmers Market…

One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles is how we have farmers markets all-year-round. In my neighborhood, I usually walk or ride my bike to the Larchmont farmers market on Sundays. This gives me a chance to load up on fresh fruits I can take to work and some fresh veggies for Sunday dinner.

Compared to the other farmers markets in Los Angeles, this one is small but that’s why I like it. You see the same vendors each week and they know their products which makes me feel confident when I buy from them. Plus, you get to know your community.

From the photo below, you can see that it’s the season for peaches, nectarines, and apricots. Yum!

For veggies, squash is in season. I know radish is usually a spring vegetable but I loved the colors in this summer squash/radish display at one of the vegetable stalls.

But it’s more than just fruits and vegetables in this intimate farmers market. There’s the guy selling Himalayan sea salt, the woman at the balsamic vinegar stand, the cheese truck, and of course the boulangerie. And when you head back into the corner of the farmers market, you see the prepared food stalls. I just spotted this tea and scones stall for the first time. Loved the freshly brewed “Fiona” tea infused with strawberries.

I picked up some tasty olives, baba ghanoush, and feta cheese at the Mediterranean food stall too. It was super fresh and I ended up bringing the items to a picnic that evening. Unfortunately, there weren’t any leftovers.

Oh! I can’t end this entry without showing you the lunch I had from the farmers market – chicken tamales! There wasn’t a place to sit and eat so I decided to get the tamales to-go. You can see it steaming as it was being packed up. When I got home, I immediately opened the box and the tamales were still hot thanks to the corn husks that it was wrapped in. I poured the green chile sauce all over the tamale and gorged.

If you want to find out what’s in season, Epicurious has a great map where you find out what’s in season month-to-month wherever in the US you are. Just click the month at the top and then select your state to see what’s in season in your area.

Lastly, here’s an awesome LA Times interactive map where you can find your neighborhood farmers market with days and hours they operate in Los Angeles.

Pizza Farm Tuesday in Stockholm, Wisconsin!

A couple years ago when I was living in Minneapolis, my friend Sanden invited me to his birthday party at the Pizza Farm. The first image that popped into my head was a field of pizzas sprouting from the earth. I was snapped into reality when he said the farm was a couple hours away in the town of Stockholm, Wisconsin and the pizzas were made in a brick oven with ingredients from the farm. Brilliant, right?

When you drive to the Pizza Farm, you have to appreciate the scenery. The landscape from Minneapolis to Stockholm changed dramatically in the hour and a half drive. We went from flat plains to rolling hills and plentiful fields of produce.

Be forewarned that the Pizza Farm is open only on Tuesdays from 5 to 9. I recommend you get there early because there will be a line and it will take some time for the pizzas to bake. They aren’t open  yearlong – they close up shop when fall sets in and open again in late spring.

After you park your car on the dirt road, you begin to hear the voices behind the trees and you come upon this…

Get in line and don’t waste time – order your pizza immediately! Take your number and then walk around – pizza is priority.

After we ordered our pizza, we walked around the grounds to kill some time. Here are some of the sights from the farm.

But after the walk, we needed to check on our pizza. Here’s the brick oven that the Pizza Farm is known for…

We waited almost two hours for our pizza but it was well worth it. We ordered a vegetarian pizza and also one with the homemade sausage. Both were served on a thin crust and I could taste each ingredient because it was THAT fresh. I admit, the most memorable thing about that Tuesday summer night was the adventure of getting to the Pizza Farm and waiting around for the food. This was one of those nights when the experience was on par with the food that we consumed. Thanks, Sanden, for having a birthday at the Pizza Farm!

Quick Tips:

  1. Bring your own napkins, plates, utensils, and beverages (water, sodas, wine… etc). They ONLY sell pizza and some granola (if there are any left!). Most importantly, clean up after yourself and don’t leave a mess.
  2. Bring a blanket or a foldable chair while you eat because it is just you and the open land. Some people even bring their own foldable poker tables!
  3. Bring board games. You can walk around the farm but if you get bored, it might be fun to bust out some Bananagrams to pass the time until you get your pizza.
  4. (Optional) If you end up getting there late, bring a flashlight. Our group got there an hour before sunset and by the time we got our pizza, it was pitch black. Fortunately we did have our cell phones but it would have been nice to have a flashlight.
Pizza Farm is located at:
N2956 Anker Lane
Stockholm, Wisconsin 54769
Phone: 715-448-4802 

Marketplace: Video from Lanai, Hawaii

I try not to overlap too much of my day job with this blog but my days have been bleeding into my evening life because I’ve been busy editing some videos for the Marketplace Sustainability Desk. Here’s the latest video about the island of Lanai in Hawaii. Lanai’s residents are in the middle of making some tough choices about their land: preserve land or use the land to create renewable energy. What’s the right and wrong? Here’s a short video that introduces the problem they are dealing with and how this problem may not be isolated just to this region.

Here’s the radio story it goes with.