(at least) 50 photos a day

My friend Patrick said I should take 50 pictures a day while I’m in S. Korea. With one full day under my belt, I think the 50 photo challenge won’t be too hard – especially in a place like Seoul. I sometimes forget how many photos can fit on an 8gb card – apparently at 9 mega-pixels, mine can fit around 1900! Yesterday I took 74 pictures – warning: not all are stellar. There are probably a handful that I’m super happy about. Here’s one…

This stand had amazing fried foods – can you almost smell it through the photos? Right after I took this picture, a rush of people stood in line. That was taken in Nomdaemun area in Seoul. There are tons of food stands, stores, and carts in the alleyways – and of course, there are the occasional motorbikes that drive through with deliveries.

I think so far on this trip I regret one thing – I regret not visiting when I was younger. But I guess better late than never, right?

Can’t wait for the 50+ photos I’ll be taking today!

4 thoughts on “(at least) 50 photos a day

  1. i did! got a pair on monday!! and yes, it did take under and hour (exam included). why can’t the US be this efficient and affordable?

  2. You are going to have the time of your life! So happy for you – what a great experience and I’m so glad you are sharing it via blog! I returned to the motherland (singapore) for the first time when I was 25 – yes, why didn’t I do it earlier? But better late than never for sure!!!

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