Finding comfort in what you eat

Sunday, my friend and I decided to have girl talk night. We haven’t had a chance to pause our lives and hang out in a long time. I can’t tell you what we talked about but I can share with you where it went down and what foods we consumed. The destination was Luna Park in Mid-Wilshire part of Los Angeles. Why? Because I thought it was a comfort food type of night.

We ordered sangria and for main course…

My friend had the oven baked mac n cheese with a side of their tasty corn on the cob.

I ordered the porkchop with arugula salad which was hearty and tasty. The pork was perfectly done – moist and flavorful.

For dessert, we chose the DIY s’mores. It was the perfect way to end the night… melted dark chocolate over candlelight and melted marshmallows on a crunchy graham cracker… total comfort.

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