The sweet taste of artisan chocolates from San Francisco

I felt special when I got this petite box of chocolates from  someone who went to visit the artisan chocolatiers at Charles Chocolates in San Francisco. I admit the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging – very simple and understated. Only recently have I realized that with chocolates, less is more. Even though four pieces of chocolates doesn’t seem much, the high quality ingredients and the special packaging made it feel as if I was getting a big gift – it’s not your everyday chocolate. I hear this place has really unique flavors… take a peek at my special package.

The box of chocolates was packaged with a magnetic close and the chocolates were snuggling in their little ridged paper cups.

The chocolates someone else selected for me included: 2 salted caramels, earl grey tea, and bacon. All the chocolates tasted good — not too bitter or sugary. But I admit the salted caramels were my favorite because the salt was so subtle that only aided in the sweet flavor of the caramel and dark chocolate.

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